2012.....so far!

 Hello everyone. It's been such a long time since I last posted. Hope everyone is well? In the last few months I've been really busy working hard on my Masters degree. The course has given me the opportunity to really get stuck into interesting projects. The first module was called 'Observation and Experiment' and was a good opportunity to go back to drawing what's in front of you. This is something I hadn't done properly in a good few years and to be honest I did struggle slightly!. My most successful pieces were of my lovely fiance, Amy.

For all you guys that don't know me I have also been planning (...well.......helping plan!!) my wedding which will take place in April. For this I had to create an invite which needed to look very special to compete against all the other lovely invites I've received over the last few years. Here's what it looked, minus the text! The invite is a three fold and also contains a hand drawn map on the reverse.

Whilst designing my own invite I was also asked to design our lovely friends, Ben & Siobhan's, invitations as well. I'm not sure how they will feel about me uploading their invite so you'll have to use your imaginations!

Another project I've recently completed was some wedding cake figurines I made for my old friends Kel & Sara wedding which took place on the 11.2.12. Kel is a huge comic book geek so I thought it was only right to make the figurines in the same vein.

On Wednesday I finally finished my submission for the Ronald Searle award. The competition is organised by the Cambridge School of Art and only CSA students can enter. First prize is £3000!! Whoop!!!! Each year there is a different theme which is usually based on an element of Ronald Searle's work. The theme of this year's competition is 'Migration' and below is my submission. The final piece will be in the form of a concertina book. Enjoy.

 Until next time, bye bye.